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Woman's hand with painted nails holding a LABB Sunday Serum tanning drop bottle with a droplet coming out of a dropper.
Hands screwing closed a clear and white bottle of Sunday Serum tanning drops.
A clear and white bottle of Sunday Serum in a stone tray next to a gold ring and necklace with a dried plant stem.
A hand holding a clear and white bottle of Sunday Serum with shadowed and refracted light in the image
Droplets of  clear serum coming out of a dropper into a hand.
A clear and white bottle of Sunday Serum sitting on the edge of a white counter next to a sink.

Sunday Serum Organic Tanning Drops

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Tanning drops designed with skin health in mind. This organic serum provides the perfect glow up for the face and body. 

A glow you won't want to miss out on. Sundays are for rest, relaxation and prepping for the week ahead. Top off your evening ritual with our moisturizing and nourishing tanning drops. Not only do they deliver a natural sun-kissed tan on all skin tones, but they're very hydrating and do not leave your skin feeling tacky. Our organic and cruelty-free serum is comparable to the consistency of water and mixes well with any moisturizer, serum or facial oil. Take on the week ahead with luminous and glowy skin. 


Mix 2-6 drops with your moisturizer, serum or facial oil and apply evenly to clean skin. The more drops used, the deeper the tan will be. Nighttime application is recommended. Leave on at least 4-6 hours for maximum absorption. Wash hands thoroughly immediately after application. 


A patch test is encouraged 24 hours before use. It is not recommended to use on broken or irritated skin. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.